Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Vivid Video presents : Backdoor to Chyna

Vivid Video presents Backdoor to Chyna

(This is their splash/promo page, but it will give you the idea.)

Submitter wrote;

"Morbid curiosity got the better of me. With proper makeup and lighting Chyna doesn't look hideous. Truthfully no one does. That's the point of proper makeup and lighting.

What surprises me is that she is using the name Chyna. Usually McMahon trademarks the hell out a wrestler's name and won't let the performer use it if they leave the WWE. Even Hulk Hogan had to become Hollywood Hogan for a while. Has there been a court decision, I haven't heard of?

Regardless, liquid finds its own level. Given Chyna's background and personal habits...well let's face it, she's been living the life of porn star for a while but without the specialized accolades and paycheck."

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