Sunday, November 25, 2012

Box office: 'Breaking Dawn' tops record Thanksgiving weekend

The most interesting part of the box office story is the fact that Lincoln actually went UP from last week. That rarely happens. It must indicate glowing word-of-mouth. I believe it. I told everyone at Thanksgiving dinner to see it. Daniel Day-Lewis brings Lincoln to life exactly as I imagined him to be and, more important, exactly as I want him to have been. DDL usually has a tendency to make his characters highly memorable and larger-than-life, but he made a conscious choice to play Lincoln "smaller" than he could have, and the script supported that interpretation - thus making Honest Abe more credible; a real person. I doubt whether DDL could have done it much better, and I'm certain nobody else could have done it better. It is truly a remarkable performance from a man generally considered the greatest living actor playing the most beloved figure in the history of America. How much more do you need from a movie?


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