Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores NCAA record 138 points

Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores NCAA record 138 points

His team won 179-104.

The previous record for a player in a 4-year college playing against another 4-year college was 113 points, and the second best was 100. So in this case you can fairly use the sports cliche that he "shattered" the record. Coincidentally, both of those previous triple figure games occurred in February of 1954. The 100-point game was the work of future pro baller Frank Selvy, who only averaged 11 points per game in his nine years in the NBA.

Three future NBA stars had games in the high 60s when they played college ball. Maravich tossed in 69 one game (he averaged 44 per game in college), while Earl Monroe and Calvin Murphy had 68s. Those three guys had several other games in the 60s. Here's a good list.

Back to the present day:

Taylor took 108 shots in his record game, including 71 threes. Just call him Iverson Jr. He MISSED 56 shots from the field, which is probably also a record. OK, he guns it up a bit, but 138 points in 36 minutes is still pretty fuckin' awesome.

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