Tuesday, November 06, 2012

NCAA College Football BCS Standings Week 11

Alabama now has a score very close to perfect (99.57%).

Second place is more or less a three-way tie. Oregon is rated second in the human polls while Notre Dame is rated second by the computer systems, but Kansas State is rated second overall, because they finished very close in both areas.

Biggest discrepancy: The Florida teams. The computers don't like FSU that much (19th), but the humans rate the Seminoles 6th. In fact, the humans rate the Seminoles higher than their rivals, the Gators, even though the computers love the Gators, actually ranking them 4th in the nation, above Oregon!

Note: The AP poll does include 10-0 Ohio State, which is not eligible for post-season competition this year. They are ranked 5th.


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