Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Movies In Theaters Nov 30th - Rotten Tomatoes

New Movies In Theaters Nov 30th - Rotten Tomatoes:

The only two new entries in wide release this week are R-rated films:

Killing Them Softly is a crime thriller with Brad Pitt and Tony Soprano. The critics like it: 87% positive reviews, which probably means that it is driven by character rather than plot, violence, or entertainment. It is rated R for many things, but nudity is not among them. It will be in 2000 theaters.

The Collection is a horror film, a sequel to 2009's The Collector. It sounds like your basic torture porn, but it has so far pulled in a surprising 73% positive reviews (albeit based on only 11 reviews), although the "top critics" have not been so enthusiastic (40%, based on 2-for-5). The reasons for the R rating include "brief nudity," but I don't know what that might consist of.

I suppose Killing Them Softly will gross in the high single figures and will finish about sixth or seventh, while The Collection may gross somewhere between two and four million, which will probably leave it outside the top ten. I don't really have any idea what The Collection will do, since nobody seems to have a handle on the theater count. Maybe 1300 or so, like its predecessor? If that is a valid parallel, The Collector opened with $3.5 million.

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