Wednesday, November 07, 2012

New Movies In Theaters Nov 9th - Rotten Tomatoes

New Movies In Theaters Nov 9th - Rotten Tomatoes
There will be a sneak preview of DDL as Lincoln (90% positive reviews), but that will not go nationwide until next week. This week it is all Bond, James Bond.

The overseas numbers have been huge for Skyfall (PG-13, 3400 theaters), and the critics have adored it (93% of them in the positive column). Given those facts, and the fact that it's the only game in town, you can fairly expect some humongous numbers for this time of year. The historical leaders for November are all the Twilight and Harry Potter films released for Thanksgiving. If you ignore all those and look only at films released in early November, the record is $70 million. The record for a non-animated film in that period is $67 million from Quantum of Solace, the previous Bond film, which is obviously directly comparable to Skyfall. Since this latest entry in the series is considered a far better film than QoS, and since ticket prices have gone up since 2008, Skyfall should be somewhere in the vicinity of $80M or more.

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