Thursday, December 13, 2012

ESPN’s Rob Parker says RG3 isn't black enough

ESPN’s Rob Parker says RG3 isn't black enough

Why does this category of criticism only apply to black people? Nobody ever accuses white people of not being white enough, do they?

"C'mon, man, where's your Kingston Trio albums?"

I think Parker was trying to be funny, but missed the target by a mile. He is known for a wicked sense of humor and an uncensored tongue. Some years ago Parker shot out a hilarious line that got him in trouble.

Here's the story:

"Parker also had to leave his Detroit paper in 2009 after an incident with then-Detroit Lions head coach Rod Marinelli. At the end of the Lions' 0-16 season, Parker asked Marinelli if he wished that his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator, referring to Joe Barry, Marinelli's son-in-law."

Now THAT was funny!

This new RG3 bit - not so much.

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