Monday, December 24, 2012

NFL Football Scores - Week 16

NFL Football Scores - Week 16
All six playoff teams have been determined in the AFC, including the four division champs. The only things left to be determined in that conference are the possession of the coveted #1 and #2 seeds. The Broncos, Texans and Patriots are the three teams eligible for the #1 and #2 seeds. If Houston wins, they have the #1. If Houston and Denver both win, they would be #1 and #2. The Patriots have no chance unless one of the other two loses, but the Patriots could actually get the #1 seed if they win and the other two both lose, because the Pats beat them both head-to-head. That also means that if either Houston or Denver loses and the Pats win, the one who loses would also lose the first round bye by dropping to the #3 seed. So all three of those teams will be playing for keeps next weekend.

In the NFC, four of the six teams have been determined, but five other teams are battling to take the remaining two spots. The Redskins can clinch their division by winning, and the Vikings can clinch the remaining wild card with a win. If either of them loses, there are various other combinations. Atlanta has clinched the #1 seed in the NFC, therefore earning the first-round bye and permanent home field advantage. The Packers could clinch #2 with a win, but they are up against a hungry Viking squad, so it ain't gonna be easy!

Speaking of the Vikings, Adrian Peterson now seems unlikely to break Dickerson's rushing record. AP got 25 carries on Sunday, but could only manage 86 yards, a sub-par 3.4 per carry, with nothing longer than 21, and he left the game early with some soreness. He will need 208 against the Pack next week to break the record, which seems unlikely, but bear in mind that he had 210 against those same Packers earlier this month. (And bear in mind that he's Adrian Effin' Peterson.)

By the way, to answer my question from last week: the Seahawks definitely are for real. They destroyed the 49ers, who were #1 in the NFL power rankings at kick-off time.

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