Sunday, December 09, 2012

Weekend Box Office Results for December 7-9, 2012

Weekend Box Office Results for December 7-9, 2012 - Box Office Mojo:
Skyfall returned to number one by establishing an unusual box office pattern: in its five weekends it has gone 1-2-2-2-1. It also became the highest grossing Sony release of all time and will finish with a worldwide gross right around a billion dollars. It currently stands at $918M, #23 of all time!

In other news, (insert generic text making fun of Gerard Butler here).

Although Butler's latest flop couldn't even crack the top five, despite being in 2800 theaters and being the only new release, Gerard got the satisfaction of avoiding the Full Benigni. His film got exactly one positive review - from veteran critic Leonard Maltin! If Maltin had written a negative review, the film would have actually out-Benignied even the master himself. Benigni's Pinocchio received its perfect 0% based on 55 reviews, and Playing for Keeps would have gone 58 for 58

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