Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekend Box Office Results for December 21-23, 2012
None of the new films could muster a challenge to The Hobbit.

Jack Reacher and This Is 40 finished 2-3 with $15M and $12M respectively, each of them performing somewhat below expectations. Jack Reacher should have some decent legs, however, if the A- CinemaScore is a valid indicator. (This Is 40 was much weaker at B-.)

The Guilt Trip and Monsters Inc in 3D bombed, taking in only about $5M each, despite having appeared in approximately 2500 theaters apiece. I thought they might do twice that.

The audience for The Guilt Trip was the Streisand crowd, not Rogan fans. 82% were over 25; most were female, and even they were not especially thrilled with it. The film scored a lackluster B- from CinemaScore audiences. In other words, to put it bluntly, it's going to die on the vine.


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