Friday, November 07, 2014

The Fappening kinda returns, including a new Krysten Ritter full-frontal nude

11/7 UPDATE: The Fappening kinda returns - November 7 update
Let's call it Fappening VI. The leak consists of:
  • Nov 7. There are several more nudes of Janelle Ginestra, including explicit shots, close-ups, etc.
  • Nov 4. There is a full gallery of 500 images from Terry Richardson's collection: naked Terry, naked celebs, naked non-celebs, naked men, naked women, clothed celebs, clothed random people. You name it, it's there. You can track it down through Reddit.
  • Nov 3. There are about a dozen "topless" selfies of model Hannah Davis, mostly of the "arms over boobs" variety, but one with clear nipple action.
  • Nov 2. There is a gallery of Sophie Howard topless selfies. That's virtually meaningless, since getting topless is her job.
  • Nov 2. A new gallery of Lizzy Caplan. Hot stuff, including a couple allegedly of her receiving oral sex. There is also a non-nude video of her shaking her panty-clad butt.
  • Nov 2. A gallery of Sarah Shahi - full rear, almost full crotch, side-boob
  • Nov 2. A small gallery of stage actress Kelly Felthouse - one full rear, some explicit close-ups that might be anyone
  • Nov 2. More nudes of reporter/blogger Lauren O'Neil - the full monty of solo shots
  • Nov 1. A massive gallery of model Kelsey Vogelzang - about 70 pics and vids. Some nudity including frontals, but it's glam stuff - nothing explicit or even very sexual.
  • Nov 1. Two alleged pictures of Carly Pope - a genital close-up and a dark topless shot which is not really identifiable.
  • Nov 1. One additional picture of Abigail Spencer
  • Oct 31. About a half dozen nudes of Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Holly Arielle, including full frontal and rear views. There is also a low-res masturbation video.
  • Oct 31 update. Many, many pics of another Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Tobie Percival, including pretty much any view you can imagine, plus penetration with both human flesh and appliances.
  • Oct 31. Two selfies of actress Janelle Ginestra, including a full-frontal spread-legged nude.
  • Oct 31. Various pictures of Terry Richardson's dick doing various fun things.
  • An expanded Misty May gallery, including more graphic pics (see post below)
  • Four pics of Krysten Ritter: the full frontal mentioned above plus three sexy non-nudes.
  • Four pics of Nicola Peltz in a thong.
  • A full frontal mirror selfie nude of American Idol competitor Angie Miller showing off her sunburn, accompanied by a second picture of her very red back
  • A topless mirror selfie of American Idol competitor Aubrey Cleland. (I never heard of her before I looked her up for this post, but she's gorgeous.)

See the comments for some additional info.

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