Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Ballad of Johnny Yuma, er ... Manziel, er ... Football

Johnny Manziel found in the first place you’d look

Passed out on a barroom floor?

"It was a rough weekend in New York for the troubled Manziel, who was cornered outside the Trump Soho on Friday night by the owner of a Mercedes that he and his friends had crashed in Los Angeles. The owner alleges the 23-year-old Manziel has refused to pay for $90,000 in damages."

"The Ballad of Johnny Football: How Manziel's Career Cratered." The actual ballad? Sing it to the tune of Johnny Yuma.

Johnny Football was a rebel
He roamed through the bars
Did Johnny Football, the rebel
He wandered alone
Always fightin' mad
This rebel lad
He rubbed his fingers
To get the cash
And the only rule
Was talking trash
The rebel, Johnny Football

He searched the clubs
This party lad
He was Texas quick
And Aggie tough
And he never thought
He had drunk enough
The rebel, Johnny Football

The Dallas Morning News keeps an updated Manziel timeline. He may not be that good at football, but he surely is a pop culture phenomenon.

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