Wednesday, June 01, 2016

8 Fast Food Restaurants That Have Died Off

Deslided: 8 Fast Food Restaurants That Have Died Off

I wouldn't call Sambo's a fast food place. It was more like Perkins or Denny's. In fact. Denny's purchased some of their locations. Following several reorganizations, rebrandings and Chapter 11, there is still one open under the Sambo's banner in Santa Barbara. That is not only the last one, but was the very first one as well.

Their unfortunate name was a portmanteau word derived from the names of their founders: SAM something and something BOhnett. They might have gotten a pass on that basis, but they were actually dumb enough to use racist scenes from The Story of Little Black Sambo to decorate their walls. Good move, lads. In their heyday they had more than a thousand locations. Now they have one.

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  1. Two restaurants-one of them fast food, one of them not that I miss: Top's Big Boy and Dog N' Suds drive in. Great food, fun. They just didn't keep up with the times.