Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Al Pacino's new movie was seen by 15 people its opening weekend in the UK.

Al Pacino's new movie raked in a handsome $150 in its opening weekend in the UK.

I'll bet you think I forgot a K or an M or something. Nope. It took in one hundred and fifty simoleons. The article says that it took in 150 bucks for the entire weekend in five theaters, or $10 per theater per day. One person per day in each theater. (And I assume they screen it more than once per day, so lots of screenings with no customers at all. That can't be good for the sale of soft drinks and popcorn, or lukewarm tea and Kinder Eggs, or whatever snacks they actually sell in British theaters.)

"Keanu Reeves’ crime thriller Exposed performed even worse upon its February release, making only $125.50 during its opening weekend."

To quote the great Jeff Spicoli, "Righteous bucks!"

"Film critic Wendy Ide, wrote in Britain’s The Observer newspaper, 'This baffling legal thriller could be shown in film schools as a textbook example of how not to make a movie.'"

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