Monday, June 13, 2016

Interactive Map Reveals Your State’s Favorite Events This Year

Interactive Map Reveals Your State’s Favorite Events This Year

Submitter's observations:

Hey there Uncle Scoopy,

I’m reaching out with a new interactive map that I think Other Crap readers would like. Despite each state’s claim to care about politics and foreign affairs, Google Trends streaming data has revealed which major events people in each state actually cared about this year (hint: most states could care less about politics). We found out some pretty interesting things about where each state's values lie...

Research Highlights:

Bernie Sanders' home state (Vermont) streamed the Democratic debate more than any other state, while Hillary Clinton's home state (Illinois) was busy streaming Beyonce's Lemonade.

Enthusiasts of sex and violence make up the streaming majority in eight states obsessed with Game of Thrones: Colorado, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Ohio, Massachusetts, and South Carolina.

Maine might just be changing its Democratic ways. The state streamed the Republican debate more than any other state in the nation this year.

Californians were more concerned with what was going on at Coachella than what was going on with the presidential race.

Scoop's observation:

All indications are that Delaware does not actually exist, as I have always suspected.

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