Saturday, July 02, 2016

Best Famous Actors From Every State in the USA

Who is the best actor from your state?

If you're from Arizona, it might be you! They really had to stretch to come up with someone. Mary-Louise Parker has only a tenuous connection. She graduated from a high school in Tempe, but she was born in South Carolina, went to college in North Carolina, and spend her childhood everywhere (Army brat). And, let's face it, her acting chops aren't taking any work from Blanchett or Winslet or Julianne Moore.

I'm not sure who the best Arizona actor really is, but this spring I drove through Kingman and that town is obviously proud to have been the home of Andy Devine. Devine lived there from the time he was one, and was born in Flagstaff, so he at least has a genuine Arizona pedigree, if somewhat questionable thespian skills.

"Plunk your magic twanger, froggy."

Since the creator of the list only considered living performers, other Arizona acting candidates include Emma Stone (Scottsdale), Lynda Carter (Phoenix) and Barbara Eden (Tucson).

So as I said, if you are reading this and are from Arizona, you may be the best actor in the state.

Late addition: one reader pointed out that Hilary Swank (two-time Oscar winner) is from Nebraska and could be #1. Even if she did not usurp first place from the iconic Nick Nolte, she surely would take the runner-up spot from Gabrielle Union. If the list were expanded to include all-time greats, Marlon Brando and Henry Fonda might just sneak past Ms. Union as well!


  1. I'd be wary about Kentucky's entry, too. They skipped over two glorious character actors in Ned Beatty and Harry Dean Stanton.

  2. I think only living actors were eligible, and Michael Shannon seems like a reasonable choice, although I have not considered the alternatives.

    Wait a minute. I just noticed Nevada. Madchen Amick is the best actor from Nevada? Can that possibly be right? Does anyone have a better suggestion?

    1. As per Stanton and Beatty, both are still alive and working. Granted, Harry Dean Stanton looks like a background extra from "They Live" (in all fairness, he's looked like that since about the mid 90's). Both also have stronger ties to Kentucky. Hell, Lexington has a yearly Harry Dean Stantonfest.

  3. Earl - My bad. I had no idea they were still alive! I know Shannon was born in Kentucky, but went to high school elsewhere, so maybe those other guys would be better choices if they are dyed-in-the-wool. (Or perennial Wildcat courtside fan Ashley Judd, who isn't as great an actor, but is much easier on the eyes than those two guys.)