Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clinton Allies Put Out Literal Bounty for Donald Trump's Tax Returns

Clinton Allies Put Out Literal Bounty for Donald Trump's Tax Returns

Good luck on seeing those. If I were Trump I would never release them, for several reasons: (1) at his level of financial machination, they are complicated, nuanced and subject to multiple interpretations; (2) if there's anything vaguely suspicious, it will get blown up by media and the Dems; (3) if there is nothing suspicious, the media and Dems will deliberately mis-interpret innocent things and make them seem suspicious, because that's how politics (and modern journalism) works; (4) the press and Dems won't acknowledge the difference between getting every possible break and cheating.

Asking to see Trump's returns is like asking Joan of Arc to forage for kindling.

And what does he have to gain by releasing them? Zip, zilch, nada.


  1. Points 1-4 are the exact logic Hillary Clinton is said to have for why she is so secretive. Look where that has got her.

    The obvious counter is that Deranged Donald can expect to here daily claims (starting from me) that:
    1.He's not really a billionaire. In fact, he's nearly broke and is only running for the Presidency because he plans to rob the country blind (which is how he's mostly operated his businesses)

    2.He's never given a penny to charity in his entire life.

    3.He cheats on his taxes.

    Why is Deranged Donald hiding his tax returns?

  2. Of course, not that I'd post those claims here every day.