Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Donald Trump Doesn't Actually Want Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead

Donald Trump Doesn't Actually Want Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead

"Donald Trump has clarified on Twitter that when he told the New York Times he hoped Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would get off the court as soon as possible, he did not mean that he hoped she died, but simply that she would resign."

"Her mind is shot - resign!”

Actually, this is one of those rare instances where Trump is kinda right. Supreme Court justices are supposed to be above the fray, not commenting on national elections, because they sometimes have to decide them! As the NY Times wrote, "Just imagine if this were 2000 and the resolution of the election depended on a Supreme Court decision. Could anyone now argue with a straight face that Justice Ginsburg’s only guide would be the law?" And that's from the NY Times, which is neither a pillar of conservative values nor in the Trump camp.

I have a different take. I say that he can't be wishing for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die because she seems to have died several years ago. Trump is just sort of asking her to own up to it.

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