Sunday, July 31, 2016

Public Policy Polling's new post-DNC poll

Public Policy Polling's new post-DNC poll

There is some good news for Hillary Clinton. She has opened up a five-point lead over Donald Trump. But I love some of the secondary questions and answers:

Five percent of Americans would vote for Harambe, the evil ape from the Cincinnati Zoo, rather than Trump or Clinton.

Eighteen percent of Americans think Hillary Clinton has ties to Lucifer, and another 21% are not sure. In fact, 14% of her own supporters either think she has ties to Lucifer or are not sure. Damn, we live in a stupid country.

Only 51% of Americans oppose tossing Hillary Clinton in the calaboose and throwing away the key.


Now think about this for a second. The same people answered all the questions. Only about half of them oppose throwing Hillary in jail, and only 61% are willing to say she has no ties to Lucifer.

... yet she still has a five-point lead on Trump! That is the state of our choice this year. "Oh, yeah, I think Hillary is a criminal and is in league with Satan, but I still prefer her to Trump."

51% of the respondents said that Trump should not be trusted with classified information.

58% of the respondents had an unfavorable impression of Trump.

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  1. What's their sample? And the margin of error? Did they poll registered voters? Or just man on the street? What was the Democrat to Republican ratio? This is all info the average, THINKING, citizen needs to know before accepting results like this. I never accept polls at face value unless I know the answers to the above questions.