Monday, August 29, 2016

Margaux Hemingway, back in the day

Margaux Hemingway, back in the day

She was Mariel's older sister. The official investigation of her death in 1996 at age 42 ruled that she had committed suicide by taking a deliberate overdose of phenobarbital, although the family had difficulty accepting that assessment at the time. Mariel now accepts Margaux's death as a suicide, and part of a family tendency which causes her to worry about her own children. Their great grandfather committed suicide, and as did three of his children, including the famous larger-than-life author Ernest "Papa" Hemingway.

That's not the only sign of mental illness in the Hemingway family tree. Mariel revealed to a documentarian quite recently that she now suspects her father of having sexually abused both of her older sisters, Margaux and Muffet.

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