Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Ranker: List of Bill Clinton Affairs, Hookups & Loves

Ranker: List of Bill Clinton Affairs, Hookups & Loves

Due to space requirements, they have only ranked the top one thousand.

But seriously ... there is no evidence that he was ever linked with Markie Post. Markie and her husband often socialized with the Clintons. But knowing Bill Clinton, given that he would fuck a snake if he could get his dick low enough, I suppose it is well within the realm of possibility ...

Oh, Elizabeth Ward Gracen! She was a major babe. A former Miss America from Clinton's home state of Arkansas, she posed for Playboy back in the day, and appeared in various states of undress in several crappy movies you never heard of (Lower Level, Final Mission, Discretion Assured). She also had roles in some TV productions like "Charmed" and the "Highlander" shows. She still looks good as a silver fox. What is she up to now? According to Wikipedia, "In 2012, Gracen formed Flapper Films. In 2014, she starred in Coherence, a sci-fi indie thriller. In January 2016, Gracen established Flapper Press and self-published Shalilly, a young adult fantasy novel."

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