Monday, August 29, 2016

Report: Dodgers place Puig on trade waivers

Report: Dodgers place Puig on trade waivers

This is a very talented man, only 25 years old with four years of experience in the majors. Yes, he's immature and entitled, but he'll play somewhere. Maybe he'll wash out, but maybe he'll be a superstar, so you know some team will be willing to roll those dice.

These are revocable waivers, which means the Dodgers are really just trying to gauge the interest in him. If he is claimed, the Dodgers can say "we didn't mean it" and keep him, or they can say "he's yours, you pay his salary," or they can say "what will you give us for him?" In other words, it doesn't mean that much.

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  1. Though I think there's a much better than zero chance that the Dodgers really are looking to move Puig, it should be noted that many, many players are put on revocable waivers after the trade deadline. This doesn't necessarily mean that teams want to trade these players, but merely, as you mention, that they're attempting to gauge trade-interest in the players they have.