Sunday, September 04, 2016

Albert Pujols is now 9th on the all-time HR list

Albert Pujols is now 9th on the all-time HR list

He now has 598 doubles, 588 homers, and 2800 hits. He's no longer the feared guy who would draw 40 intentional walks per year, but the man can still drive the ball. He already has 106 RBI this year with 27 more games to play.

The Angels have finally awakened. They have won 7 of their last 9. Pujols has hit .421 with five homers in that streak, and Trout has hit .500 with four dingers.

(Trout came out of the pack to reach second in the AL in OPS, behind only the elderly Big Papi, who is having one of his best seasons. If Willard Scott had not retired, Papi could have become the only man to get a 100th birthday shout-out while leading the league in slugging.)

Unfortunately, all that Angels firepower has accomplished nothing more than getting them to 15 games below .500.

A team ERA of 4.47 has not helped the cause, and their would-be ace has collapsed completely. Here are Jered Weaver's ERAs the last six years:

2011 2.41
2012 2.81
2013 3.27
2014 3.59
2015 4.64
2016 5.21

I'm noticing a trend here.

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