Saturday, September 10, 2016

♫ "Born on a Mountaintop in Franklin" ♫

♫ "Born on a Mountaintop in Franklin" ♫

Davy Crockett was actually born in the territory of Franklin, or Frankland, which came very close to being the 14th state. Seven of the original thirteen states voted to admit it as a state, but nine votes were required to pass the resolution, under the Articles of Confederation. (The Constitution had not yet been adopted.)

The territory had been ceded by North Carolina to the federal government in 1784, but the deal was rejected, creating a power vacuum. Being neither part of North Carolina nor a federal territory in the period immediately following the failed cessation, the area attempted statehood. By 1789 (when Crockett was three and presumably kilt him a bar) the land had returned to North Carolina, which subsequently ceded it yet again to the feds, this time to create the Southwest Territory. By 1796 the area had become the State of Tennessee. Crockett was ten by then.

The song could have said "born on a mountaintop in what would later become Tennessee," but legalese rarely makes for good lyrics.

By the way, John Sevier, who is renowned as Tennessee's first governor, had also been the governor of Franklin!

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