Thursday, September 29, 2016

First scientific poll (PPP) shows a Clinton debate gain

First post-debate scientific poll (PPP) shows a Clinton gain.

Clinton's lead crept up to four points (49-45) in a head-to-head choice among likely voters, as well as an equal margin (44-40) when the minor candidates were added to the selection.

They felt that Clinton won the debate by an overwhelming 54-31 margin. Among people undecided about who to vote for, Hillary won by a 34-8 margin (with 58% not willing to say either won).

Only 67% of Trump supporters felt he won, as compared 95% of Hillary supporters who thought their candidate took the day.

Trump's tax returns are becoming a problem. Only 31% of voters feel that Trump pays his fair share of taxes. Even among white voters, only 36% say "fair share." 46% of voters believe they probably pay more taxes than Trump, which is amazing because the guy has a gazillion dollars.

On the silly side of the ledger, both Hillary and Trump supporters are most often rooting for the Cubs this year, while undecided voters prefer the Red Sox. No idea what that means.

On the sad side of the ledger, 59% of Trump supporters either think Obama was not born in the USA or are not sure. After all these years of life, it's finally beginning to dawn on me that there are a lot of very dumb and/or ignorant Americans out there.

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