Sunday, September 18, 2016

NCAAF College Football Scores - Week 4

NCAAF College Football Scores - Week 4

Louisville jumped 6-7 spots in the rankings by destroying the former #2, Florida State, 63-20.

Sagarin's computer ratings differ slightly from the human polls in that:

(1) he shows Alabama and OSU in a virtual tie for first, with all other teams far behind, while the humans place 'Bama on top in a class by itself;
(2) the computer ranks 1-2 Oklahoma #7 in the nation, while the human polls like the victories, placing undefeated teams in the top 12-13 spots;
(3) the computer places two other twice-defeated teams in high positions: Ole Miss at #10 and USC at #25.

Oklahoma's high rank is easy to defend, of course, since their two losses came to #2 and #6, but humans just don't use that kind of computer logic when they cast their ballots. I'm kinda sorta with the humans on this one. While Oklahoma did lose to two monster teams, the margins of victory were 10 and 21. I might be willing to buy the computer logic if they lost a couple of squeakers, but I can't see ranking them #7 based on the fact that they came within three touchdowns of Ohio State.

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