Friday, September 30, 2016

The Craziest "It's Free If You Can Finish It" Meals

The Craziest "It's Free If You Can Finish It" Meals

"Finally, a food challenge that involves teamwork! This Burbank pizzeria's competition may be one of the biggest of all time. It's 54" x 54", which is 2,916 square inches. It weights 50 pounds, which you can split into fourths to change up the toppings. Up to eight people get two hours to finish it. If you do, it's free, plus you get $1,000 cash. If not, the pizza costs $218 (less than $30 a person if you've got eight people).

When this was posted on r/food, a Redditor explained, 'It's 50 pounds of pizza. That's 6.25 lbs per person. That's three whole large Domino's pizzas plus a couple of slices, each.' Then again, for $30 bucks, you get a whole lot of pizza, two hours of fun, and a shot at $125 ($1000 divided by eight). Sounds good to me."

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