Wednesday, October 19, 2016

30 American Politicians (Allegedly) in the Illuminati

30 American Politicians (Allegedly) in the Illuminati

Damn, that reminds me. I have the annual illuminati midwest chapter meeting tonight, and I forgot to make a covered dish.

Hey, that's the way they roll. Freakin' Kissinger always brings that German potato salad and nobody will tell him there's no repeats allowed. He's already been kicked out of the Northeast chapter for the same infraction. And don't get me started on the Koch brothers. Those cheap fucks think they can come as a couple and only bring one dish.

You're surprised that I'm on the team? Who do you think runs the illuminati website? You think the Rockefellers and Kennedys will spend time writing code? Besides, there are a lot of surprising people in the group. In addition to the Kochs and Kissinger, our chapter also includes Scott Walker and Big Papi Ortiz.

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