Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"A third-party candidate could win Utah"

"A third-party candidate could win Utah"

That's not a joke.

A BYU political science professor described the reaction in Utah as a "full-scale revolt" against Trump.

The latest poll shows Clinton with 27%, Trump 26, McMullin 18 and Libertarian Gary Johnson 15 if the election were held today.

(Evan McMullin is an indie candidate who is only on the ballot in Utah. "Campaign sources are bullish on the momentum in Utah for their candidate, a Mormon and former CIA field agent who is a long-time House Republican fixer. The only thing preventing McMullin’s surge up until now has been a feeling that he could not win. Now he looks like the only possible way to stop Hillary Clinton from taking the state.")

Mitt Romney won Utah by 48 points! Granted Mitt is a Mormon, but the state is a Republican stronghold. McCain won it by 28 points in 2008.

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