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Final 2016 MLB Team and Player Stats

Final 2016 MLB Team and Player Stats

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David Ortiz finished as the RBI leader (tied, actually) in the AL. He also led the league in slugging average (by a mile) and OPS. A very impressive swan song.

He finished with 48 doubles, 38 homers and a .315 BA.

His career: 632 doubles, 541 HR, 1768 RBI, and a reputation as possibly the best clutch hitter in baseball history.

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Largely unheralded Zach Britton saved 47 games in 47 opportunities and finished the season with an 0.54 ERA. He allowed only four earned runs all year, in 69 appearances. It was truly one of the greatest pitching performances in the history of the game.

A replacement-level closer saves 80% of his opportunities, and a star saves 90%. If the Orioles had a mere star in the job, they would have missed the playoffs. If they had a replacement-level guy in the job, they would have been a sub-.500 team- about 80-82 or 79-83. (They have no pitching staff at all to go with their powerful line-up.)

By my calculations Trout is still somewhat higher in WAR - maybe half a win, but Trout's 10 and a half WAR merely raised the Angels from nowhere to a less degrading nowhere, while Britton single-handedly got the Orioles into the post-season, so I would have to think long and hard about which to vote for if I had an MVP ballot. Of course, I do not, and Britton is unlikely to get any support, although he was clearly the second-best player in the league this year.

One cannot feel too bad for Britton if Trout wins, because Britton is only second-best. Trout is the best player in the league, and he can't help it if his teammates mostly suck.

But if anyone else but Trout gets MVP, Britton has been royally hosed.


One other note on the season's close:

The Cardinals and Giants showed some real moxie at the end of the season. The Cardinals were within one game of the Giants (in their battle for a wild card slot) with four to play, and won all four. That was some clutch play, but not good enough. The Giants also won all four, three of them against the Dodgers, including a win over Kershaw and his 1.69 ERA.

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  1. My non-scientific statistical prediction of teams advancing to the World Series. Minimum of 5% and rounded to 100%

    American League
    Texas Rangers 40%
    Boston Red Sox 27.5%
    Cleveland Indians 27.5%
    Toronto Blue Jays 5%

    National League
    Washington Nationals 42.5%
    Chicago Cubs 42.5%
    New York Mets 10%
    Los Angeles Dodgers 5%

    So, with my track record at predictions, you should bet the farm on a Baltimore Orioles vs. San Francisco Giants World Series.

    If the Giants do win the World Series this year, it would mean they'd have won it in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.