Sunday, October 23, 2016

NCAA College Football Scores - Week 8

NCAA College Football Scores - Week 8

Alabama easily disposed of their current top rival for the SEC top spot with a 33-14 victory over the previously Aggies.

Meanwhile #2 Ohio State demonstrated that they were not in the same league by dropping a game to the Penn State Fightin' Pedophiles.

Nebraska, Washington and Michigan remained unbeaten with victories and Clemson accomplished the same thing, albeit with a week off.

Here are the new poll rankings. There is exactly one voter in each poll who insists on voting for some team not named Alabama, although those two voters place 'Bama second on their ballots, so The Crimson Tide scores 1524/1525 from AP and 1599/1600 from the coaches. (Michigan and Clemson get the stray votes.) The human polls agree on the top five and their order: Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington, Louisville. Louisville held on to the spot although they have a loss, while Nebraska, Baylor and West Virginia remain unbeaten. (Louisville's only loss was to #3 Clemson in a game which could easily have gone either way.)

Jeff Sagarin's computer rankings differ somewhat in that Ohio State is in the top five in place of Louisville. He does agree that Alabama and Michigan are 1-2. The computer does not like Nebraska, which is ranked only 24th despite a 7-0 record. The computer loves Ole Miss, which is 12th with a deceptively poor 3-4 record. Ole Miss does not make the top 34 in the AP poll (only 34 teams got votes), even though that list includes such mighty powerhouses as Troy and SMU.

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