Saturday, October 01, 2016

NCAAF College Football Scores - week 5

NCAAF College Football Scores - week 5

This is the week when good teams start to play the harder portions of their schedules, and we start to find out if they are as good as advertised.

Are they?

Washington - yes
Michigan - probably
Baylor - probably not
Stanford - no
Ohio State and Houston - who knows? They ran over weak opponents.
Louisville and Clemson - I guess so. Whether great or not, they are certainly dead even.


  1. So far, Alabama and Ohio State look light years ahead of the rest of the field. Lou/Clemson are close, but their D's aren't there yet.

  2. Yup. The computers certainly agree with you.

    Sagarin's numbers say there's Alabama, Ohio State and the 247 dwarfs.

    It seems to me that Houston may be the real wild card in the deck, and I'm impressed with what they did against Oklahoma, but their conference is just so weak that there's no way to know what they can do until the Louisville game. If they own Louisville, they'll make me a believer; not otherwise.

  3. But Sagarin still has Oklahoma (2-2) in the top 10... Granted they lost to OSU but their other lost was to Houston... A team they should have easily handled. I can't put much faith in that ranking system after that.

  4. I used to agree Steve, but I've found Sagarin and the ESPN PFI have done a good job predicting the big game matchups late in the season. The majority of the time its a pretty good measuring stick. OKL is high on the list because their two losses came to two topped ranked teams, so the computers don't punish them much for that. It just doesn't take into account the margin of defeat, and the fact one was in Norman