Sunday, October 23, 2016

NFL Football Scores - NFL Scoreboard - Week 7

NFL Football Scores - NFL Scoreboard - Week 7

The most interesting thing that happened this week: Jay Ajayi rushed for 200+ yards for a second straight game. Only one other man had done that in the past 40 years: Ricky Williams in 2002. Before that time, OJ and Earl Campbell did it.

Elsewhere, the Vikings lost their first game of the year. The Eagles beat them 21-10, but the Eagles mustered only 239 yards of total offense from scrimmage, and even that small amount was cancelled out by four turnovers. They won the game by forcing four Viking turnovers and capitalizing on a 98-yard kickoff return. Sam Bradford had a tough day. He was sacked six times, threw a pick, and fumbled four times, two of which were recovered by the Eagles.

Except for a couple of fumbles, the Pats were their usual efficient selves in going to 6-1.

The Seahawks and Cardinals finished in a tie, so the Seahawks still have only a single defeat (4-1-1), They should be thrilled to escape with a tie in a game in which they had approximately zero offense. They converted only 3 of 14 third downs and had only 11 first downs in the entire game, as contrasted to nine punts. They never entered Cardinal territory in the game's first 55 minutes! The Cardinals blew the game with poor play from their special teams: a blocked punt, a blocked FG, and a missed 24-yard chippie.

The only other one-loss team, The Cowboys (5-1), had a bye week.

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