Sunday, October 30, 2016

NFL Football Scores - Week 8

NFL Football Scores - Week 8

Life is normal: the Patriots win, the Browns lose. 2016 has been a wild year for Cleveland sports fans in the three major sports. Two of their teams seem to be the best in the sport, while the other seems to be the worst. I guess that means Cleveland is no longer mediocre.

The talking heads had the Atlanta - Green Bay game pegged exactly right. I was listening to CBS sports radio early this morning and the sports mouths said that each team had an offense too good for the other's defense, and both teams would score in the 30s. Damn straight.

Darn it, Miami had a bye, so we have to wait a week to see the next chapter in the Ajayi story.

Another freakin' tie? Luckily it happened in England, where the crowds are used to seeing every "football" game end in a tie. Not just in England, of course. I was in Buenos Aires a couple of decades ago, and started a chat with an 83-year-old man who claimed to have watched more than 10,000 soccer matches in his life. I thought maybe he was lying, or maybe my Spanish wasn't good enough to understand exactly what he meant, because that's like two or three matches a week since he was old enough to remember, but I wasn't sure he was a bullshitter until he confided to me that once, when he was 12 or 13, he actually saw somebody score a goal! Come on. How gullible did he think I was?

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