Sunday, November 27, 2016

2016 NCAA College Football Polls for Week 14

2016 NCAA College Football Polls for Week 14

The playoff selection would be easy to make if the season were over. It'd be Alabama against Washington and Ohio State against Clemson.

But the season is not over

Michigan is rated #5 by AP and #6 by the coaches, which makes sense since they fought mighty Ohio State to a standstill, but there's just no way they can climb back into the playoff, as far as I can see. If Clemson or Washington loses, either Wisconsin or Penn State has to win (they play each other), and should fill the vacancy. If both Clemson and Washington lose, you can assume that the winner of Wisconsin/Penn State will fill one slot, but I don't think the committee is going to let Michigan in, since that would bring three big ten teams into the playoff, so the other slot would probably go either to Colorado or the winner of the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State game.

Western Michigan is rated #13 and #14 in the two polls. I guess they will get a significant bowl game. It'll be interesting to see what they can do against the second-ranked or third-ranked team from one of the major conferences.

Sagarin's computer model leaves Michigan in the third slot. He ranks them as follows:

Ohio State

Clemson and Washington are almost dead even in the 4-5 slots.

Oklahoma and Wisconsin are almost dead even as 6-7, but are far behind Clemson and Washington.

LSU is rated #8 on the strength of a good record against an impossible schedule. Penn State is down at #14; Western Michigan is #22.

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