Monday, November 14, 2016

Five Reasons Ben Carson Shouldn’t Be Secretary Of Education

Five Reasons Ben Carson Shouldn’t Be Secretary Of Education

Are they really considering this guy? How many reasons do you need? He doesn't understand either science or history and he thinks being gay is an immoral "choice."

Yeah, that's the man to place in charge of education.

Because Americans just aren't ignorant enough.

How about Neil deGrasse Tyson instead? He's a legitimate scholar who loves to educate, and he's a persuasive advocate for the triumph of logic and knowledge over ignorance; light over darkness. He leans liberal, but he has frequently scolded liberals for their own ignorance.

Hey, I doubt if he would accept the job, but if I were Trump, that's the guy I would recruit.

As for Ben Carson ... well, he seems like a nice enough man, and the GOP wants to reward his loyalty, so maybe there's an ambassadorship open where he can use his laid-back charm and hide his ignorance. There has to be a country where the American ambassador can't do any harm because he's just a figurehead who attends state dinners. Sweden? New Zealand?

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