Monday, November 14, 2016

Man Rules, The Must Read in the Trumpian World

Man Rules, The Must Read in the Trumpian World

"A handbook for Millennial Males that is absolutely perfect in terms of training them to be more like the Greatest Generation, and less like the snowflake generation of wussies."

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  1. The title alone is reason enough to buy it, but it has some good advice in it, like this:

    "At a certain point you’re going to have to meet your girlfriend’s social circle. You’ve been putting this off longer than that digital rectal exam you promised your primary care physician you’d endure four appointments ago. You’d rather be out on the lawn with a flashlight hunting for gophers in the sleet.

    You adore this woman on some level. There is no logic tree to detail how you might adore the other people that she adores. When her college roommate is yammering on about her rescue dog and how vegan organic mayonnaise tastes just like Kraft’s chemically optimized masterwork, stay focused. Pretend like you want to be there. As with the rectal exam, breathe through your nose and relax. You’re taking the stand in an important jury trial. Do not look bored; it makes you look guilty."