Saturday, November 12, 2016

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NCAAF College Football Scores, weel 11

The ranking committee is going to have a helluva job this week.

We came into the weekend with only four undefeated teams in the major conferences, thus giving the selection committee an easy week. But this week three of the four lost.

#2 Clemson lost 43-42 at home to an unranked, so-so Pitt club.

#3 Michigan lost 14-13 to an unranked, so-so Iowa club.

#4 Washington got their asses handed to them at home, 26-13, by #20 USC.

So should we just forget the playoffs and declare Alabama the champ?

Ohio State will obviously move back into the final four after a 62-3 victory. I suppose they will climb back to #2.

#6 Louisville easily handled Wake Forest, 44-12, but they are 9-1, while Clemson is also 9-1 and won their head-to-head battle, so I'm not sure how the committee will handle that one. I guess one of the two will probably be in the final four, and the other will be just out of it.

#7 Wisconsin should move into the final four after curb-stomping Illinois. They have two losses, but those were both close games, and were against Michigan and OSU, teams that came into this week ranked #3 and #5.

#8 Texas A&M was overranked yet again coming into this week. Somebody on the committee must love the Aggies. Anyway, they lost yet again, and thus will drop. (Out of the top ten, presumably)

#9 Auburn also lost and will definitely drop out of the top ten. That will leave 'Bama as the only SEC team in the top ten, while the Big Ten will presumably have four again this week, assuming Michigan stays that close to the top.

#10 Penn State beat Indiana 45-31, so they will move up, but who knows how much - at least two spots, maybe more, but not much more because they are still saddled with that embarrassing 49-10 loss to Michigan, and a worse record than Michigan (8-2 versus 9-1), so I can't make a case for the Nittany Lions to leapfrog over the Wolverines. I don't know if they will both pass Washington. They would if it were my call, but that fact and a quarter will get them a gumball.

#11 Oklahoma beat Baylor 45-24, so they stand to advance as well.

#12 Colorado is beating Arizona easily as I type this, so I guess they might sneak into the top ten, past Auburn and A&M.

If Colorado and Washington both make the top ten, it will give USC two wins over top ten teams this year! That sounds impressive until you realize that they have already demonstrated they are no match for Alabama. The Crimson Tide beat them 52-6. Then again, who is a match for Alabama this year?

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