Saturday, November 26, 2016

NCAAF College Football Scores - Week 13

NCAAF College Football Scores - Week 13

Washington will probably enter the top four, with three big ten teams (Michigan, Wisconsin and Penn State) right on their tail. If Washington wins next week, they will probably get into the playoff as the #4 seed.

Ohio State is finished for the year, and seems to be securely locked into the national playoff, probably as the #2 seed.

Clemson is in if they win next week, and will probably be the #3 seed, but they could still lose that final game versus Virginia Tech, which would probably knock them out while opening the door for the winner of the Big Ten championship game.

If Alabama wins next week, they will certainly keep the #1 seed. In fact, Alabama is probably in the playoff even if they lose their last game to Florida. A loss might cost them their #1 seed, but they might not even lose that, since there are no major undefeated teams and even with a loss they would still be the top one-loss team.

Michigan does not seem to have any path back into the final four. They can look back on a "might have been" season played well, but falling just short. They will be kicking themselves for a long while as they look back on that shocking Iowa game, in which they blew a ten-point lead, which was ultimately decided by a Hawkeye field goal with no time on the clock.

Wisconsin or Penn State could fight their way in with a big win in the conference championship game and/or a Washington loss to Colorado.

Colorado also might still have a shot to get in, but it's a long shot. They would probably have to trounce Washington by an overwhelming margin to enter the discussion, because if Washington loses a close game, that would probably propel the winner of the Big Ten championship game into the #4 slot.

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