Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Mink Catcher: a short film on Vimeo

The Mink Catcher: a short film on Vimeo

The key fact here is that the film features full nudity from Susan May Pratt (around the 9:15 mark).

If you are interested in the entire film, here is a description:

November 21, 1980: The women of Dallas, Texas, are waiting for the reveal of JR Ewing’s killer on the hit TV show DALLAS. At a high society viewing party, however, Gossip columnist Libby Smith is waiting for something else: the arrival of Dallas’s brand new first lady, Pete Pangburn. When Pete finally arrives and behaves unlike the ethereal first lady everyone expected, Libby discovers the gritty truths beneath the big hair, sparkling dress, and stunning mink coat.

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