Thursday, January 26, 2017

Christina Ricci's full-frontal nudity in "Z: The Beginning of Everything" (2017) - Album on Imgur

Christina Ricci's full-frontal nudity in "Z: The Beginning of Everything" (2017)

Here is the film clip from a file locker site. (So beware of extra windows and downloads.)

This is from episode four of an Amazon Studios series about the life of Zelda Fitzgerald. Ricci also had a brief, distant skinny-dipping scene in episode one. Ricci was probably 36 during filming, because she turns 37 in about two weeks. Typing that made me feel old. Well, oldER. Most people believe that she has had breast reduction surgery. You can judge that for yourself because in her younger days she was the two-time winner of our "Nude Scene of the Year" voting, as described and linked below:

- in 2003, she won for Prozac Nation. This film was actually lensed in 2000, screened at some festivals in 2001, but didn't receive any kind of distribution until it came out on DVD in 2003. She would have been 20 when the filming took place.

- in 2007, she won for Black Snake Moan. She was about 26 during the shoot.

My notes on Prozac Nation

My notes on Black Snake Moan

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  1. She was open about having the reduction, to my memory. Prozac Nation is all we have of her natural state. The rumor part is that she wanted the reduction because she thought she wouldn't be taken seriously with giant boobs. I think it's common knowledge that it had more to do with her constant struggles with eating disorders in her youth.