Sunday, January 08, 2017

Uncle Scoopy's Top 20 Nude Scenes, Year 2016

Uncle Scoopy's Top 20 Nude Scenes, Year 2016

If you really care about the vote count, here's the final tally.

If you're into the previous years, the table below shows the top two each year. The links in the first column will take you to the actual page with that year's results. Sorry, there are no video links for years before 2012.

Year 1 2
1999 Shannon Elizabeth Rene Russo
2000 Katie Holmes Amanda Peet
2001 Halle Berry Halle Berry
2002 Heather Graham Salma Hayek
2003 Christina Ricci Charlotte Ross
2004 Eva Green Mimi Rogers
2005 Anne Hathaway Carla Gugino
2006 Gretchen Mol Salma Hayek
2007 Christina Ricci Marisa Tomei
2008 Anna Paquin Marisa Tomei
2009 Eva Amurri Anna Paquin
2010 Amanda Seyfried Anne Hathaway
2011 Emmy Rossum Kirsten Dunst
2012 Sarah Silverman Olivia Munn
2013 Rosario Dawson Emily Ratajkowski
2014 Alexandra Daddario Scarlett Johansson
Alicia Vikander
Ruby Rose
2016 Yvonne Strahovski Ellen Page

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  1. I miss the commentary on the entries.