Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fappening 2017 update

I think the leaks have stopped or at least slowed to a trickle. Here is a site that has just about everything from Fappening 2017, or at least the stills, with no ads or pop-ups. How long will that last? (I think it must be in violation of Imgur's terms and conditions.)

For a more permanent link, it appears that Celeb Jihad has a complete archive of all the Fappening 2017 leaks

I've delivered warnings about Celeb Jihad before. As the ancient Romans always said of the Internet, "caveat surfor." The site can be very entertaining, in a crude way, but just for the record: (1) it's not for the easily offended because the site is a combination of reporting and crazy racist satire written in the character of jihadists, and the site creators don't ever break character; (2) you are going to get deluged with unwanted windows and pop-ups; (3) while all the Fappening 2017 links (large boxes on the left) are legit as far as I know, many of the "popular posts" on the right are fakes mixed in with actual sex tapes. True to its nature, the site makes no attempt to differentiate between real ones and fakes.

Hints: there is no Taylor Swift sex tape (the woman pictured is a Czech pornstar with the pseudonym Krystal Boyd who does look like Swifty from certain angles in the right light), and that zaftig naked lady is not Katy Perry ... etc.

One more link, with a few Celeb Jihad missed

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  1. More stuff are in here

    Some aren't in mainstream sites like celeb jihad