Friday, March 17, 2017

Refappening update: Dylan Penn, Kate Micucci, Alexa Nikolas

Refappening Thursday: Dylan Penn, Kate Micucci, Alexa Nikolas

It seems that one individual is releasing all this material, bit by bit, motive unknown.

Here is what's new, to the best of my knowledge:

There are two videos which are alleged to be Dylan Penn tickling the taco, and a bunch of headless stills of somebody in various stages of nudity, purportedly Dylan.

There are many nude stills of Alexa Nikolas, and a non-sexual topless video. There is no question about the ID in this case. It is clearly Alexa.

Apparently there is but a single topless image of Kate Micucci. Assuming the image is unmanipulated, it's definitely Kate!

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