Friday, March 17, 2017

A new "fappening" features Amanda Seyfried (this link), Emma Watson and others.

From Wednesday: A new "fappening" features Amanda Seyfried (this link), Emma Watson, Kristanna Loken and others.

My advice: make sure your anti-virus software is charged up before using any of the links below. I will not host any of this material, and the links have nothing to do with me, but are simply random hosting sites where the material is currently and probably temporarily stored. Sites like zippyshare, imgbox and imagebam are just loaded with pop-ups, pop-unders, and all sorts of pernicious crapola. 4Chan is relatively safe for your browser, but may destroy your soul.

The 4Chan "random" board is calling this Fappening V. The reliable info seems to indicate that Amanda, Annaleigh Tipton and Emma Watson have been hacked. Other nudes have emerged of Alyssa Arce, Jillian Murray and Rhona Mitra, but I don't know if those are genuinely new.

There are many pictures of Emma Watson trying on swimsuits, and that is clearly and unquestionably Emma, but there are no faces visible on the alleged Emma Watson topless videos found in the same collection, so the posters on 4Chan and elsewhere are going through the usual cycle of putative proofs, circling moles and such. With the moles and bracelet matching, coupled with the metadata hidden in the vid file, the general consensus is that the bathtub video is actually Emma.

The Amanda Seyfried leaks include at least one more clear topless shot of her in the shower and a couple of her sipping on the Slurpee Straw of Love, said straw presumably belonging to her guy, Justin Long.

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