Monday, April 24, 2017

6 BS Movie Plots (Hollywood Keeps Insisting Are Realistic)

6 BS Movie Plots (Hollywood Keeps Insisting Are Realistic)

Make it seven: amnesia.

Hollywood amnesia, the Jason Bourne kind where the victim can't remember his or her identity, is actually called "dissociative fugue" and is so rare that just about every case gets written up in a professional journal and attracts the attention of the mainstream media. Moreover, most cases last a very short time, too short to make an interesting movie. This condition is so rare that it is probably safe to say that the total number of dissociative fugue cases in movies is greater than the number in real life.


  1. Maybe, or maybe amnesia researchers found more cases but... lost their memories of them!

    1. There you go. Using the Gilligan Theory, if we hit them on the head AGAIN, they would recall the forgotten cases.