Tuesday, July 11, 2017

5 Movie Adaptations That Completely Missed The Point

5 Movie Adaptations That Completely Missed The Point

Two obvious additions:

The novel The Natural is a cynical tale about how people fail to learn from their mistakes, and about how triumph turns into defeat as part of the human experience. Roy Hobbs strikes out, throws the series, ends up broke, and is an outcast, despised by society.

The movie is a great watch, but it turned into a typical Hollywood movie with a sentimental happy ending.

The book The Children of Men is (partially) about how society disintegrates without young people. A society without children becomes quite non-violent when all the young people have aged and all the violent people have been deported, but those same strong backs are needed to repair bridges and buildings and dams, so everything gradually falls apart. England must resort to import young(ish) foreigners to do difficult tasks. Society can't support the vast number of old people, and encourages them to commit suicide. The world is boring and sad. The movie not only completely missed the point, it actually went in the opposite direction, portraying a highly violent world in which foreigners are kept away by harsh immigration laws.

To be fair, I'll add that the novelist P.D. James was proud to be associated with such a fine movie, even though it really wasn't the world she had created.

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