Sunday, August 13, 2017

Giancarlo Stanton hits another - 21 in 121 at bats

Giancarlo Stanton hits another - that's 21 in his last 121 at bats

If you could hit homers at that pace over a season of 605 at bats, you'd hit 105 homers!

His slugging average for the month of August is 1.024.


  1. I would submit that 100 homers and 0.915 SLG over an season renders the BA and OBP moot.

    Those numbers would be more valuable than, say, somebody who hit .360 (~30 more hits) with 30 HR, .450 OBP and .590 SLG.

    If you hit 100 HR with no other hits in 585 AB, that's still a SLG of .683!