Sunday, August 20, 2017

Jerry Lewis Dead: 'Nutty Professor,' 'Bellboy' Star Was 91

France has declared a day of national mourning: The telethon king, Jerry Lewis, has died

There are some who say he used to be funny, although I don't know if there is anyone left alive who remembers that. Maybe Carl Reiner.

I certainly can't remember ever finding him funny, and I'm pretty freakin' old.

But I think there are probably a lot of kids who lived longer and/or better lives because of him, which is really more important than jokes.

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  1. I thought Jerry was quite the funny fellow, although he had his moments. He could be crude and coarse but overall, he was a good man. My favorite live piece of his at one of the telethons was when Frank Sinatra brought out his 'friend' that he wanted Jerry to meet. Turned out to be Dean Martin. Frank thought it was time to end the silly feud they had been having. After Dean and Jerry hugged, if you listened real carefully and turned up the volume, as Jerry was hugging Frank, he said under his breath, "you sonofabitch", all while smiling broadly.

    But that was the start. After the live break, a friend of mine who was working the telethon that day told me that Dean and Jerry got together backstage and started talking and after a little while, they were smiling and hugging and carrying on like the good friends they had once been.

    I'm glad they cleared that all up before Dean passed.