Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sophie Mudd is the newest "Instagram Star"

Sophie Mudd is the newest "Instagram Star," which seems like an oxymoron

Anyway, the above-linked picture of her in a bikini will show you why she is so popular. Here is another. I don't believe she has lost the top yet, but she has tried - here is a .gif recommended by a reader, in which she is bouncing energetically in a bikini top.


  1. Don't click on that gallery link if you have an ad blocker running (like Ad Blocker Plus). The site that used to be "The Best Website on Earth" has apparently been purchased a year or two ago and now you either allow them to run their ads, which are so numerous and constant that you can't view the content or it is slower than a turtle crawling through molasses, or after getting their popup that tells you about your blocker, you sign up to pay them $4 a month. I used to go there every day when John and Leo Resig were running the place but I guess now they are just 'the stars' and the business decisions are being made by Corporate.

    I have a 300 meg cable line so I know it is not a matter of speed causing the ads to interrupt the content, they simply are running too many ads that are too invasive.

    So, I don't go there anymore.

    And that's a shame.

  2. I just checked it again a few seconds ago. Ad Blocker Plus, in the first 5 seconds, before their pop up beg screen came up and I was blocked from receiving content, blocked 42 ads. FORTY TWO ADS in FIVE SECONDS.... I rest my case.

  3. I removed the gallery, although I had no problems with it at all (weird!).

  4. I missed the gallery. Was it on Egotastic or one of its affiliated sites? The ads & redirects there have gotten insane. They're nearly unnavigable on Safari for iPhone.

    Anyway, here's Ms. Mudd jumping in a bikini & having an "oops":

  5. Bless you, Rusty. That's about ten pounds of heaven in a half-pound bag.